Combination - Emily's signature brow style, it caters for everyone. The natural element of the hairstrokes with the shading allows for a slightly more 'made up' look without being dramatic. This method is perfect for people who pencil their brows in each day, want a fuller look or generally just want to enhance what they have got. Suitable for all skin types. Ombrè method - the perfect makeup look. Why spend time perfecting your brows every morning when you can wake up with them already done. Not just a younger look, this technique can be as natural as desired. Ideal for all skin types.
Disclaimer: This includes your 6-8 weeks top up appointment. Failure to attend your top up within the desired time will incur a re-booking fee. Before booking please ensure you have read all the before treatment and aftercare advice. If for any reason I am unable to perform the treatment on the day this will result in a re-booking fee.

PATCH TESTING: A patch test is required for all new clients at least 48hrs before treatment. This will be sent out in the post using the address provided at checkout. Please email if this has not arrived. Failure to complete before your appointment will result in a re-booking fee. 


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