Salt & Saline Tattoo Removal is a non laser method and is suitable for all skin types. It works naturally and unlike some laser removal is not colour selective. This type of tattoo fading technique uses Sodium Chloride (Salt). When the solution is implanted into the skin via specialised techniques using a needle, the science of osmosis will quite literally break up the old tattoo and pull the pigments to the skin’s surface, which will then exfoliate away. Clients should expect a lightening of the tattoo, not full removal. Usually between 2 - 6 sessions required depending on area being treated. It is perfect for old brow tattooing or for small body tattoos which can be easily covered once lightened by the treatment
Disclaimer: You can purchase a course of treatments at a reduced price. Before booking please ensure you have read all the before treatment and aftercare advice. If for any reason I am unable to perform the treatment on the day this will result in a re-booking fee.


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