Lash Enhancement (just lash line) A simple and subtle semi permanent eyeliner which creates that definition and gives you a made up look without the time. This is the same maintenance as eyebrows. Colour boosts vary from around 10 months to 2 years depending on the individual.
Disclaimer: You will be required to return for a 4 - 8 week top up. This is inclusive of price but if for any reason the appointment is missed or moved longer than the specified time, there will be an extra charge. You WILL NOT be able to have the treatment if you are wearing eyelash extensions, so please make sure these are removed well before treatment. Do not use any lash serums 2 weeks before or after your liner treatment. I will be applying the numbing cream upon arrival so please do not do this yourself. You can experience some minor swelling a couple of days after treatment and will not be able to wear eye makeup, so please take this into consideration when booking.

PATCH TESTING: A patch test is required for all new clients at least 48hrs before treatment. This will be sent out in the post using the address provided at checkout. Please email hello@emilykateaesthetics.co.uk if this has not arrived. Failure to complete before your appointment will result in a re-booking fee. 


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